Ode to Hindbærsnitter

The Hindbærsnitte (Raspberry Slice) will definitely fall under the category “Danish National Cake Treasures”. This cake can be found on every corner in Denmark, and if your local Danish bakery is not selling this, then it’s not a real bakery – sorry! And I will even go as far as to say: If you are forcing a Dane to choose the most Danish cake and the choice is between Hindbærsnitte and an actual Danish, most will probably go with the Hindbærsnitte.

SO; what is a Hindbærsnitte? I think the best way to describe it is a sort of short bread (often without vanilla) layered with raspberry jam and topped with glazing and sugar sprinkles. At your local bakery it will look like this, without much variance:

However, if you really want to enjoy this fabulous Danish cake at its best you have to bake them yourself. And please do yourself the favour of using only the best ingredients – With the short ingredients list, this should be both affordable and very tastable in the end product. Besides, baking this cake yourself allows you to decide on thickness, size and shape – I like using cookie cutters for this cake and not the traditional squared shape.

So without further introduction: My recipe for Hindbærsnitter

(Amount depends on your choice of size and thickness…)

400 g all purpose flour (not self rising)
300 g butter
100 g confectioners sugar
1 egg

Raspberry Jam (if its your own homemade: perfect!)

Glazing (from confectioners sugar and a little water)
Freeze dried raspberries (ground to powder in a mortar)

How to:
1. Mix the flour, sugar, butter and egg until you have a cookie dough texture. Now place the dough in the fridge for approx 30 min.
2. Use a rolling pin and roll the dough to the thickness of 0.5 cm or thickness of your choice. Cut the dough into the shapes of your choice.
3. Bake in the oven for approx 15 min at 220 degrees C – or until light golden.
4. When the cakes are cold, put raspberry jam on half of them, and place the other half on top. Decorate with glazing and ground freeze dried raspberries.
5. Enjoy within a couple of days.

My final result looked like this – i opted for a teapot-shaped cookie cutter

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